These Five Decorating Choices Are Outdated

Trends in home decor come and go very quickly. While some aesthetics are timeless, others can look dated only a few years after they were popular. Here are some recent decorating trends that are no longer in fashion or on their way out.

Matching Metals
The home decor rule that said you have to choose one type of metal and stick with it is outdated. Try mixing the metals in your bathroom and kitchen hardware especially. If you have silver fixtures on your sink, go with copper lights. Gold can look overdone when there is too much of it, but a gold accent here and there pops perfectly. Getting creative when it comes to metal fixtures will give your home a modern style.

Tile Countertops
Tile is excellent for flooring, shower stalls, and even backsplashes. But tile countertops can instantly make a bathroom or kitchen look outdated. Replacing it with something timeless like marble or durable like quartz is a smart update.

Nautical-Themed Rooms
While nautical motifs may be appropriate near the beach, going over-the-top by decorating in navy and white with accents that include ship models and anchors isn’t in style anymore. If you love nautical style, try adding seascape artwork, textured natural fabrics, and beach colors to bring a touch of the seaside to your home.

The Exposed Lightbulb Trend
The industrial look was huge a few years ago, but it’s just a little too stark and cold for current times. You can ditch the Edison bulbs suspended from the ceiling and still have an understated, minimalist style by choosing the right fixtures—although, it’s trendier to opt for an elaborate fixture that is the focal point of the room.

Light Walls in Small Rooms
There was once a decorating rule that said small rooms should only be painted in light colors—yes, it does help the room appear larger. But more people are embracing their small spaces by painting walls in deeper, cozier colors. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, though, it’s best to stay with light neutral colors to appeal to more buyers.

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